Avengers Dis-Assembled!

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WARNING – This Post Contains Spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie watch it first.

One of the most anticipated movies of 2012 has undoubtedly been the Avengers, justifiably so. It brought the first superhero team up ever to the big screen and after the success of the last few Marvel movies expectations for this were high, very high. Marvel has with the exception of the Hulk managed to cast the perfect actors to play their superheroes and villains, bag some great directors and writers and overall deliver a enjoyable if not fantastic movie finally, with great post credit scenes.

The Avengers is no exception to the formula, the casting was fantastic, even Bruce Banner (Hulk) who was played by Mark Ruffalo was a great choice, from Nick Fury to Hawkeye they seem to have a knack for getting actors who can realistically portray their characters strengths and flaws. The directors have been as well chosen as the actors, and none other than Joss Whedon was selected to direct, and anyone whose familiar with his work knows that this guy knows his work, so Avengers was in good hands.

A movie with just about everything going for it failed to make an impression with me. It wasn’t an Avengers movie, it was Ironman and his friends. Captain America, Thor and other major players were sidelined in favour of Ironman who took center stage and ran the show. I can accept that to an extent since he’s the most popular character in the line up, but my main peeve was that the movie was lacking substance and depth. If you’ve read any of the recent comics you’ll notice that Avengers comics in particular had a lot of depth, drama and character conflicts and communication. It was less about how far you can punch someone and more about resolving personal differences and working together. I felt that the movie cast this aside  in favour of punches and visuals.

Overall though it was a good movie I enjoyed it and I’d probably watch it again for what it is a good action comedy superhero team up.

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